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High Reps, Low Reps? How Lifting Techniques Affect You

High Reps, Low Reps? How Lifting Techniques Affect You

A number of primitive outlooks have misled gym-goers as to how they should workout. Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, there are a number of untrue myths that can hinder your personal development. As a rule of thumb, low reps have proven to be more effective. Understanding why is the vital step in proper gains while working out.

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Building Muscle

Building muscle is rooted in increasing the adaptability of your muscles. You are not always looking to lift a heavy box, but you want your muscles to adjust to the heavier weight compared lifting your phone out of your pocket. High reps on lower weights go against this mentality as you are not straining how you may adjust. Low reps at higher weights will yield maximal gains in comparison to the former mindset. If you are looking to maintain your current build, both variations promote greater endurance.

Shedding Fat

The idea that cardio is a proper solution to weight-loss has lost merit over recent years. While you can lose weight, not only are many boring, long-winded workouts ineffective, they can actually work against you. High rep, low weight exercises will see you trim down and appear lighter on the scale. The problem is that you will often lose muscle along with the fat you are looking to shed. Low rep, high weight routines build your muscles rather than losing them. The higher intensity workouts yield a higher fat yield in the weight lost, promoting greater health and overall gains in the gym.

Variation in workouts is extremely important for overall growth. Repeating the same exercises will result in a one-dimensional build that actually leaves you injury-prone elsewhere. Mixing up your routine will result in a more balanced approach at the gym. Meeting with a personal trainer will help you find the proper fit for your goals.


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