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7 Rules Every Gym Member Should Follow

7 Rules Every Gym Member Should Follow

The gym does not need to be a stressful environment. It is a place you should go to relieve tension rather than create. Stick to these simple rules and you’ll find there is no reason for you not to make the most of your time.

1. Maintain the Equipment

This is a universal rule. Whether you are working at the local gym or a personal one, take care of the machines. This goes beyond simply wiping down after your set. Unload weights once you finish, replace weights you have moved, and ensure you are using machines properly. Choosing to pretend you know how to use the equipment when you do not cannot only result in injury, but may be costly as well.

2. Don’t Be Late

More oriented towards classes, understand that these run on a schedule for a reason. If you want a workout suited to your specific needs, hire a personal trainer. If you are more comfortable with the group environment, make sure you are nothing more than a member of the group.

Image result for gym3. Share the Gym

A busy gym rarely has enough machines of one-type to meet all demand. No one will be rushing you to finish your set, but be considerate of those behind you. Take your time to follow technique and make the most out of your workout. Once you are finished, recover and regroup on your feet or on a bench, not on the equipment.

4. Be Respectful of Noise

This accounts for both personal sounds and music. On occasion, you will find a group that is okay with you playing speakers. Typically, though, you should stick to ear buds. For the same reason people do not want to listen to your music, people do not want to hear you working out. Keep yourself in check and things will take care of themselves.

5. Forget the Phone

When you are at the gym, make that your focus. There are exceptions to this rule, but take care of personal business outside or in the locker room. Standing around texting will ultimately leave you in someone’s way, and talking on the phone will result in someone hearing. If you are on the floor, remember that it is a place for exercise, not communication.

6. Practice Proper Hygiene

Nothing is more distracting than someone who enters the gym in a condition worse than how many exit. You are not necessarily expected to shower at the gym or wash your hands every couple minutes, but practice general care. Use deodorant and towel yourself when needed.

7. Leave It as It Was

Arguably a cumulative rule, this is a general rule of thumb. Keep the equipment in the same condition as it was when you found it. Keep the locker room clean and free of your miscellaneous pieces of clothing and random knick-knacks. All-in-all, remember that there is no need for you to leave a lasting impact at the gym.


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