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5 Signs You Have the Right Personal Trainer

5 Signs You Have the Right Personal Trainer

Finding the motivation to get to the gym is a difficult task in itself. Finding the right workout routine and set of exercise is an entirely different challenge. Once you’ve set yourself up with a personal trainer, it can be easy to see they are having a negative impact. Recognizing a good one can be difficult though. In order to simplify that process, we’ve given you five signs you’ll want to recognize.

1. You Have a Personalized Program

If you wanted to go through the same regimen as everyone else, you would enroll classes. Hiring a personal trainer should entail a program detailed to your individual goals and your strengths and weaknesses. The feeling of personal attention is not meant to make you feel good, but guarantee a more focused look on your development.

2. He/She Asks You Questions

It is impossible to improve without recognizing where you are succeeding and struggling. The first look into this should be from your point of view. This does not mean that you should feel threatened or need to make excuses. Simply that growing starts and ends with you.

Image result for personal trainer3. Your Progress Is Tracked

Tangible evidence of improvement is one of the best motivators to even the most experienced athlete. If your personal trainer is not only making the effort to track your efforts, but is keeping you up to date with your gains and losses, it shows they are dedicated to whatever goals you set out. You will want to find greater motivation that a set of charts or tables, but reinforcement is never a bad supplement.

4. Health Extends Beyond the Gym

It can feel somewhat patronizing or insincere if your personal trainer seems to only fit the role during gym hours. If he/she demonstrates a proper work ethic and healthy diet, that reassurance can go a long way in helping you stick to your own efforts. You want an active lifestyle to be more than a job description to your personal trainer.

5. He/She Encourages You

The militant mindset is a way of the past as negative reinforcement lacks the impact it once had. We’ve seen that positive reminders and encouragement is the best way to motivate people whether that is in work or at the gym. To put this simply: you want to feel motivated, not discouraged.

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