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ELI5: Calories – Good or Bad?

ELI5: Calories – Good or Bad?

Counting calories is the simplest path to weight loss. However, many will learn that even with less calories the fat may not disappear. Like carbohydrates (link to carbs article), there are both good and bad calories. The difference in this situation is that good calories are more of the status quo and bad calories provide a strictly negative effect on the body. Learning which foods to eat is a vital step in promoting a healthy diet.

The Good

Good calories still need to be counted as over-eating “healthy” foods will still create an excess within the body. Many of these best options are lean proteins, better fats, and complex carbs. Choosing chicken or fish provides a steady mix in comparison to red meats while also being more easily digested.

The benefit of good calories is that they are often found in fruits and vegetables and will allow for a greater quantity of food than their counterpart. Finding the best energy source to get through the day is vital for a healthy lifestyle as there are less peaks and troughs during the day. Consistent energy throughout the day provides an even keeled approach that also makes it easier to maintain a healthy diet.

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The Bad

Bad calories have an all-around negative impact in terms of physical healthy, but sometimes a reprieve to pizza or a burger can do wonders for the mental side. There is always time for guilty pleasures, but in moderation. These calories count the same way in the daily total, but also work negatively in terms of how your body functions.

Overeating bad calories will slow metabolism and directly add to the fat trying to be lost in weight loss diets. In addition, these foods tend to build up quicker and smaller amounts of food. The limited energy source results in increased hunger and an even higher buildup of total calories.

Eating the right foods is the key to an effective, healthy diet. Good calories still need to create a deficit in comparison to the amount being burned, but provide overall health benefits. They supply a more consistent energy source and result in a greater overall mood. On the other hand, bad calories tend to result in overeating and an overall sluggish mindset. Peaks and valleys in daily energy result for uneven levels throughout the day. Counting calories is the first step, but eating the right ones is the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a lowering metabolism.

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