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3 Providence Running Destinations

3 Providence Running Destinations

The usual workout can grow tiresome and often a day out in nature can help refresh a slowing desire to hit the gym. Providence is home to a number of enjoyable hiking trails open throughout the year. We suggest you go experience these first hand, but to help you start we’ve narrowed the list to three.

Neutaconkanut Park

Image result for NeutaconkanutOne of the larger parks in Rhode Island, Neutaconkanut has a clear mission to preserving nature, though there is a clear effort dedicated to entertaining the public. You will find a number of developed areas lower on the hill, but the majority of the 88-acre park is filled with rough terrain and an attempt to nurture wildlife. The park offers guided tours on occasion, but five other trails are available year-round from dawn to dusk.

Blackstone Park Conservation District

Blackstone offers one of the most diverse plant life in the greater Providence area with its location set between the Seekonk River and the modern city. The 45-acre park breeds vibrant wildlife heightened in the spring with the return of migrating birds. You will find a number of ways to enjoy yourself whether it comes in the form of hiking, biking, birdwatching, or fishing. Broken into three sections, the divided layout provides hikers with six sets of trails.

Rogers Williams Parks

Rogers Williams Parks is a centerpiece of Providence entertainment and has been for the past century and a half. The 427-acre city complex is home to seven lakes and a number of buildings that capture the history from its foundation in the late-1870s. Home to a zoo, national memorial, Prospect Terrace Park, and many other attractions; it is only a matter of time before you find your own favorite area.


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