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5 Providence MUST TRY Healthy Eats

5 Providence MUST TRY Healthy Eats

It does not have to be difficult to enjoy a night out AND eat healthy. Providence’s restaurant scene is growing to include more and more vegetarian/vegan-based menus. Though the list is expanding to a cumbersome amount, we’ve narrowed it down to a few names you absolutely need to taste.

The Grange

Image result for the grange providenceThe Grange is a new-age, vegetarian/plant-based restaurant which offers locally sourced food and seasonal coffees. Offering favorable hours and three courses of food offerings, local foodies will find a deep selection of healthy selections. Those unfamiliar with the establishment may be a tad intimidated by the wide range of food styles. However, good quality and fresh ingredients promise a memorable experience.

Healthy Heaven

Healthy Heaven offers a new look at fresh eating. Rather than a strict focus on the usual vegetarian dishes, HH offers a modern perspective on beloved comfort foods. You may find it a nice place to stop by given affordable prices, but they also offer meal prep plans to help you maintain a steady diet throughout the week.

Veggie Fun

Veggie Fun is a lunch and dinner vegan restaurant that thrives in Asian flavors. Featuring familiar flavors like Sweet and Sour and Kung Pao, you will find the new take on classic dishes offers surprising variety to your diet. Available at affordable prices, Veggie Fun is quickly becoming a favorite dinner spot.

Benefit Juice Bar & Café

If you are looking for a quick breakfast alternative to the unhealthy options found at many coffee shops and fast food establishments, Benefit should be on your shortlist. The juice bar/café combo offers a vibrant array of vegan options at prices that make it a reasonable choice. Masses will rave about the various juices and smoothies, but few will argue that the food is in any way behind.

East Side Pockets

East Side Pockets offers a breath of fresh air compared to heavily vegetarian/vegan options that make up the rest of this list. A deep Mediterranean menu provides customers with numerous selections. It is easy to maintain the veggie-based mindset for those interested, but chicken and steak are also available.


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