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5 Stretches to Do Each Morning

5 Stretches to Do Each Morning

Making the effort to stretch everyday has proven to offer a number of health benefits. In addition to the expected flexibility, these exercises promote stress relief, proper breathing, and improved blood flow. Finding the right stretches can be a strain given the wide range of available options. We’ve done the sorting so you can focus on these six stretches.

Calf Stretch

The calf stretch is among the more simple options on this list. Standing at shoulder-width, you should extend your arms onto a wall or general flat surface in front of you. Slowly lean into your hands while keeping your feet flat and legs straight. A complete stretch, you should find relief to a range of lower body paints and help protect overstraining your Achilles tendon.

Image result for butterfly stretchButterfly

A favorite from your elementary school P.E. class, the butterfly stretch remains as important as ever.  Sitting down, center your feet against each other in front of your groin. Moving at a cautious pace, slide your feet inwards while pressing down on your thighs. The feeling of your groin should be easily noticeable. Butterfly is a good foundational stretch as it promotes hip and thigh movement, and in turns help avoid some unnecessary back strain.

Standing Side

Standing side has less of a yoga feel to it. Rather than a compromising position like many of the other exercises, you begin standing up with your hands together above your head (extend pointer finger). Breathing in as you raise your arms, exhale as you bend your upper body to the side. Pacing is a key aspect of this stretch. Maintaining a slow rhythm will keep you focused on a fuller release and improved blood flow.

Downward Dog

Perhaps the most popular yoga pose, downward dog has a focus on improving hip and shoulder mobility. Beginning in a plank position, elevate your hips and form a triangle with your body (straightening your legs and arms). Maintaining a proper stretch will loosen the mentioned joints in addition to stretching your hamstrings.

Cat Pose

One of the most useful stretches given the common 8-5 workday, the Cat pose offers tension relief to your back. More specifically, it promotes blood flow and spine mobility. Begin the position on your hands and knees aligned with your shoulders and hips. Like a frightened or angry cat, round your back and elevate your abs. While focusing on the proper stretch, you should also place a major emphasis on rhythmic deep breathing.

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