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5 Ways to Improve Your Posture

5 Ways to Improve Your Posture

Improving posture is not something that needs to take extended effort. Making minor adjustments throughout the day will result in long-term benefits as long as they are done consistently. Taking only a few steps in the right direction and the results will come through in the greatest way.

1) Stand Straight When Walking

The old image of moms making their daughters walk with books on their head may be a comedic bit these days, but the original intent remains as important as ever. Improving posture stems from correct alignment. Walking upright keeps the spine in check from the lower back all the way up through the neck. Perhaps sauntering about with Moby Dick was not the best arrangement, but it promoted vertical alignment. A simple fix for something done every day, it will not take long to feel the effect.

Image result for posture2) Find an Ergonomic Chair

Long days at a desk are one of the worst contributors to poor posture. Required long hours often cause slouching and general sloth by the end of the day. The easiest solution is to invest in an ergonomic chair. A wide selection of chairs now allows for customization ranging from gel padding for shoulder relief and angle adjustment for flexibility to various seat material that reduces stress on the legs. There is no avoiding the sitting time required in the modern workplace, but there are avenues available to help promote overall health.

3) Take Standing Breaks

Working in unison with the previous point, taking breaks from the desk to stand up and walk around will help relieve any accumulated stress. Using the time to stretch will have perhaps the most positive effect, but simply moving around the office helps regain blood flow and prevents slouching.

4) Stretch

Maintaining flexibility is an often forgotten piece of improving posture. Simply take the time to stretch and avoid tightening the back each morning will offer a freer feeling throughout the day. An additional option is to utilize the half-rollers at a gym or a towel at home to provide a stretch around the spine. These exercises should not be rushed though as flexibility is something that’s pieced together over time.

5) Repetition

Posture goes beyond sitting at a desk or walking down the street. Every little action will have its effect, so continually readjusting and maintaining the efforts is perhaps the most important, all-inclusive aspect to improving posture. Sitting straight while watching TV. Lying in bed with hips aligned. Simply not slouching over when helping kids. Attention to detail will help reinforce the more active adjustments made throughout the day.

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