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Are You Drinking Enough Water in the Winter?

Are You Drinking Enough Water in the Winter?

Frigid temperatures and a biting wind cause a trend of keeping warm in the winter. When trying to heat up, very rarely is the solution a cup of cold water. Hydration is an often forgotten area of health during the colder months because there is a less visible need. During the summer, increased sweat and a more noticeable uptick in core temperature turn people to glasses of water. Sports drinks and sodas don’t have the cooling effect of water which helps people reach the necessary daily level. When trying to get warm though, water is less effective. Hot teas, coffee, and hot chocolate are the preferred alternative as the higher temperatures prove more satisfying. Less water is consumed and thus all-around health tends to wane.

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Maintaining steady levels of hydration is crucial for a number of reasons. One of the forgotten or unknown aspects is its effect on mental health. Low water levels can cause sluggish thoughts and are often the leading contributor to that post-lunch need for a nap. The need for proper hydration persists throughout the day but can be dismissed in the hustle and bustle of the day. Simply grabbing a glass of water will counter these thoughts and result in greater production into the later hours of the day.

Winter also tends to mesh with the sick season as people’s bodies are less effective in defense in the cold weather. Often a solution to the common cold is more water. Higher fevers place a higher dependence on water, but more fluids can help clear out the head. Humidifies help to do this through the nasal passages as all water intake is vital to sustained health.

Surviving the Winter

Colder weather makes a cold glass of water less appetizing. Smart drink selections allow for a few warm, tasteful complements, but only in moderation. Select teas and coffee provide high water percentages at the preferred higher temperatures. However, the sugar contents are still higher than that of pure water and are still more negative to overall health. Eating the right fruits and vegetables can also help satisfy the daily need for water. While melons are the favorite answer during the hot months, options like cabbage, lettuce, chestnuts, oranges, grapefruit and many others are still available in season.

The winter months may require a more focused effort on hydration, but the benefits are there throughout the calendar. Mental health places a heavy emphasis on water levels and the solution is easy. A modified diet through the colder months allows for a more favorable hot drink on occasion, but pure water will always offer the best benefits.

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