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Girls Only? The Benefits of Pilates for Men

Girls Only? The Benefits of Pilates for Men

Social stigmas have often prevented men from attending classes historically driven by females. Pilates grew into a worldwide phenomenon on the backs of women who put in the work, but there is nothing keeping men from joining the ranks. Many men will see their workouts driven by a series of workouts specifically driven to develop a certain of muscles. Pilates is the answer to the areas that are forgotten.


Pilates workouts offer an extended focus on core. Often working from a flat out position on the ground, the exercise relies on rolling movements throughout the body that are more consistent and less violent than many advertised ab workouts. Many of the motions will look familiar to beginners. A focus on the process and gaining the most from each rep as opposed to the number of reps allows for more complete development.


Image result for pilates for menTrends in workouts over the past few years have turned a greater emphasis muscle building no matter the consequences. Perhaps the most frequent outcome of the new workouts is consistent injuries and muscle strains. Pilates draws the attention away from pure muscle building and turns it to smart stretching. Flexibility makes a return to more explosive exercises safer and provides overall greater movement.

Missing Areas

Often times finding time to workout at all can be difficult with a busy schedule. Finding time to develop all parts of the body is even more difficult given the limited nature of some gyms. Not all are favored enough to gain access to new boutique gyms, but there are simple alternatives. Pilates works a number of the areas that are often ignored. It does not require extended time spent on one part, rather an all-around effort most of the time.

Joint Health

Working in unison with flexibility, Pilates plays a major role in joint health. These problems tend to flare up more commonly later in life, but early action against it can have a clear impact. The smooth motions loosen joints.

Pilates began as one man’s idea in the late 1800s and has emerged into an international workout series that men and women alike can benefit from. Many tend to identify the “toning” exercises with women, but the benefits reach beyond image. Improved flexibility results in more effective workouts and long-term health. The transition has already begun and it will not be long before men become a regular demographic in Pilates classes.


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