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Our expert instructors will lead you through the moves, offering a workout experience beyond compare. We are the best gym in providence for a reason and that reason is our dedication to your well-being. 

Whatever your interest, whatever your fitness level, whatever time of day — we’ve got a class for you.

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Discover the power of HIIT at our premier fitness center in Rhode Island! High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is more than just an exercise trend; it’s a proven method to supercharge your workouts. Dive into intense bursts of activity that push your heart rate to at least 80% of its maximum, followed by brief, active recovery periods. As the best gym in Providence, we specialize in delivering impactful HIIT sessions tailored to your needs.



Discover the unique benefits of Pilates in the heart of Rhode Island! While it shares similarities with yoga, Pilates puts a spotlight on your body’s core: the abdomen, obliques, lower back, and more. Our Providence gym offers Pilates sessions that not only enhance strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance but also promote coordination, balance, and impeccable posture. With a lower risk of injury, Pilates is an excellent choice for everyone, regardless of fitness level. 


Embark on a transformative journey with yoga in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. Our esteemed fitness center offers various yoga styles, each seamlessly blending physical postures, mindful breathing techniques, and meditation. Whether you’re seeking physical rejuvenation or mental tranquility, our yoga sessions provide a holistic approach to well-being. As the best fitness center in Providence, we ensure a serene environment where you can immerse yourself in the ancient art of yoga, catering to both your mind and body.


Step into the ring with us in Providence and discover the myriad benefits of boxing. Our group classes, set in the best gym in Providence, not only teach discipline and respect but also empower participants with self-defense skills, boosting self-esteem. The holistic benefits of boxing at our fitness center in Rhode Island extend beyond the physical. Dive into a regimen that supports mental health, aids in weight management, and fosters overall well-being. Rest assured, our instructors are all certified through the renowned Box N Burn Academy. We proudly offer specialized sessions for both youth (8-16 yrs old) and adults.

Total Body Fit Class

Experience a workout like no other at our top-rated Providence gym! Our all-encompassing class brilliantly merges a range of fitness tools – from weights, TRX straps, and medicine balls to resistance bands, Bosu balance trainers, and more. Expect to elevate your strength, boost endurance, ramp up your cardio output, and sculpt every corner of your physique. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, our Providence fitness center is equipped to cater to all abilities. Plus, for those with injuries, worry not; modifications are readily available.


Elevate your cardio game at our state-of-the-art fitness center in Rhode Island with our dynamic indoor cycling classes! Set in a bespoke studio environment, ambient lighting and pulsating music combine to fuel an adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. Let our seasoned instructors guide you through the journey: from warm-ups, sprints, and challenging climbs to cool-down phases. Adjustments are a routine part of the process. And whether you’re in tennis shoes using our toe clips or geared up with Shimano-style SPD cleats, we’ve got you covered.

Core/Cardio Fit

Dive into a unique outdoor fitness session in Providence, focusing on cardiovascular enhancement and full-body toning. We emphasize core strengthening, with an indoor segment dedicated to abdominal conditioning. As colder weather approaches, we transition indoors using treadmills. Experience the perfect blend of outdoor vigor and indoor precision at our leading Providence fitness center

Treadmill Functional Circuit Class

Step into a multifaceted workout experience at our Providence fitness center. Using treadmills, battle ropes, stair climbing, and bodyweight exercises, this class is designed to amplify your cardio performance, boost strength, and enhance endurance, all while improving your functional movement. Catering to all fitness levels, we offer modifications for any injuries.

HIIT the Beat

A total body, heart pumping, dance cardio class that is FUN just as it is effective. With easy to follow dance cardio moves (for non-dancers AND dancers!), combined with HIIT & toning, this class will leave you feeling strong, empowered, and energized to the next level. Monday at 7:00 am.

Yoga Vibe

A power vinyasa style yoga flow in which sequences are done to various tempos and intensities. Each class is accompanied with a carefully curated playlist and theme. At its peak, the class moves to the beat of the music to challenge balance, core strength, endurance, and stamina. You’ll leave this class on a whole different vibe than when you came in! Wednesday at 6:00 pm. 

TRX Yoga

Yoga/pilates/suspension trainer inspired “flow,” using the TRX straps to increase strength, mobility, and core while moving through yoga sequence. This class may be broken down into separate blocks of exercises, or be done as one hour long flow. A unique, challenging, and accessible way to practice yoga with less “up and down,” and more wrist/shoulder friendly! Wednesday 7:00 PM.