Get to know our awesome VP Team!

Our incredible team is committed to YOU! Make sure you’re goals aren’t just ideas, but instead, your REALITY!
Specialized in countless fitness techniques & certifications, our team, from Management to Front Desk Staff, strives for you to have an incredible fitness experience throughout your health journey!

Dawson Cambell
Membership Consultant
One of the strongest students in the Metro Providence area, Dawson is one of VP's best looking Membership Consultants. Often confused for John Cena, Dawson often is known in the streets for his large biceps and obsessive passion for gummy bears, which he often keeps in his pockets by the handful.
Ashley Forshaw
Front Desk Associate
Ashley, a native to the mean streets of Providence is passionate about two things, Fitness & Socks. Known for having the largest beanie baby collection in Rhode Island, her fans world wide gift her lobster bisque by the basket full.
Jervis Rosario
Personal Trainer
The Man, The Myth, The Legend... Jervis, often confused for David Ortiz from the Red Sox is a Personal Trainer at VP Fitness. Dedicated to improving the lives of his clients, he utilizes a very unique approach known as the Willy Wonka Finesse Technique to help his clients not lose weight, but instead, feel lighter and float up to the ceiling.
Terence Brockman
Pro Trainer
VP's Pro Trainer on Staff during the day, super hero by night. Terence is the real life Frozone, commonly seen in the movie "The Incredibles", his famous line was a real statement said by Terence. He'll love it when you scream "WHERE'S MY SUPERSUIT" at him. Totally not annoying.
Stephanie Peltier
Master Trainer & CSCC (Certified Strength Coach & Conditioning)
Don't let her blonde hair fool you, Stephanie is actually the smartest female east of the Mississippi, declared a Genius at the age of 3. Although a Master Trainer at VP, she's also gained many accolades for designing the coloring portion of the Mensa International Validation test. A true maverick of her time in both fitness, and just being a genius overall.
Tiara Vasquez
Membership Consultant
Most find it hard to believe, but Tiara is actually the 3rd cousin of Queen Elizabeth of the UK. A fitness aficionado in many ways, Tiara also loves to spend her off time organizing the local fight club with the NE's grizzliest.
Jessica Rosabella
Front Desk Associate
Jessica's overcome a difficult life growing up, as she was the first human to be born with a Potato for a heart. A modern marvel of both science & medicine, her carb filled soul makes her one of VP's favorite staff members' due to her breath always creating an aroma of delicious curly fries.
Joseph Depena
Master Trainer & CSCC (Certified Strength Coach & Conditioning)
One of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Joe turned his crazy athleticism & fame towards the fitness world. Learning the ways of the master, straight from Master Splinter, he's become one of VP's top trainers due to his out of the ordinary training motivation, riddled with verbiage from his past life like "Cowabunga Dude!".