What You Need to Know about Spin Classes

Spinning can be a fantastic workout, burning up to 900 calories in a single class. If you’re new to spinning, it can be one heck of an experience. Spinning is not the same as your standard stationary bike or riding around town. If you’re looking to take on a local spin class near you, here’s your chance to learn a few need-to-know things about spin classes.

The Spin on Spin Classes

First and foremost, you’re going to need to get into the groove. Most spin classes play lively music to keep you motivated and make the class more fun. You’re going to be sweating to a soundtrack, but you’re still going to need to listen to your instructor so you can follow their lead. Your body position, pedal speed, and resistance will all change up throughout the class to help you continue to push yourself and target your V02 max. That’s the rate at which oxygen is being carried to your muscles, and it helps to push your body, not unlike the target zones or burning points that you may have heard people at the gym discussing.

Of course, the benefit to spinning isn’t just burning calories. It also helps you to tone your muscles. Your spin class will work your glutes, calves, core, hamstrings, and quads. Spinning is an excellent combination of resistance and cardiovascular work, so you get a bit more bang for your pedaling buck. It’s a good idea to stay hydrated, and you should be aware that soreness and fatigue are totally normal. Your muscles will certainly tell you that you’ve experienced a workout. Learning the balancing act of sipping your water while continuing to pedal can take a bit of work, but after a few classes, you’ll be a pro.

Get into the Spin

Many gyms will have introductory or beginner-friendly classes, which are great for learning the ins and outs of spinning. You should be able to find gyms in Providence that offer beginner classes. Some spin classes might require that you wear cycling shoes, but most instructors will be happy with you wearing standard athletic shoes. It’s a good idea to invest in moisture-wicking clothing, which will help to keep you dry throughout your biking session. If you’re new, you’ll want to make sure that you take a bike in the front, so that you can follow along and get advice and critiques as you learn. Some fitness clubs will allow you to reserve bikes in advance, but if not, you should show up early to make sure that you can get the seat you want.

Getting comfortable can definitely help you get the most out of the spinning experience. Finding your perfect fit on the bike is important. One leg should be at a 30-degree angle at the bottom of the pedal stroke. You should make sure that your seat is adjustable so that you can move it backward or forward, depending on what feels right at the time. Keep your handlebars positioned where neither your back nor your neck are straining. You’ll have either a clip or a strap for your feet. The balls of your feet should be resting on the center of the pedals, and your kneecaps should be positioned correctly as well.

If you’ve been looking for a fun fitness class filled with awesome music, bring your towel and your enthusiasm to spin classes in Providence. There’s nothing else that makes sweating and pedaling as much fun, so there’s no reason to wait.